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Developmental Movements and Walking

Did you ever wonder how simple developmental movements that an infant makes turns into walking? Michelle Turner discusses this in one of her Baby Movement Lesson class. /p>

Recovering from Surgery and a Hospital Stay

"Michelle Turner of Movement Lesson shows you one way to do a pelvic clock while you are in a hospital setting. Remember there should be no pain or force as you do these simple movements. If you have any concerns, check with your doctor. I did this while I recovered from colon surgery. surgery hospital

Crab Walks and Frog Jumps

"This is a great way to get on all fours. Can you DO it?! Check out the extension and movement. It's just fun! " crab walk frog jumps

Eggball Movement Lesson

Graham got done with his Movement Lesson and had to get on the Eggball. Eggball Movement Lesson .