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FT Mumbai - Wave machine

Condition: Autism
Age: New Born
Functionality: Neck Control, Sitting, Standing, Walking
Body Parts: Head, Upper leg, Lower leg , Upper arm
Video Type: Training
LessonOn1: Adult

Foundations in Touch - Head - Day 3 - Mumbai 2015 - Michelle continues to demonstrate touch with a wave machine.

Working with the Hand Details of a Movement Lesson

Taking time to work and define extraordinary movement in the hand takes time. To enjoy the intricacies of response can be rewarding to you and your child. Michelle shows how she works with prolonged details of touch. Working with the Hand Details of a Movement Lesson

Balance through the system at 6 months

Michelle is demonstrating on a six month old on the basics of balance and responsive touch. For every action there is a reaction, especially true with the human body.

Quality of movement

Michelle discusses the quality of movement as part of her Thursday morning class series