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Movement Lesson


    Touch is the first sense to develop in the womb and is probably the most advanced at birth ...
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    A newborn is only able to respond to gravity based on the efficiency of its system mechanics ...
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    When the human system doesn't have spatial awareness and does not know to balance ...
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    Movement lessons help in restoring the body’s natural response to the environment around...
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Movement Lesson™ LLC

Michelle Turner

November 27, 16

         Movement Lesson™ Training  for Parents and Practitioners


Michelle Turners Movement Lessontraining courses concentrate on providing you with a detailed understanding of functional touch and movement in the human body. Youll be introduced to System Mechanics, the study of functional developmental movement patterns within biological systems based on universally understood and applied scientific principles.

            Michelle Turner has developed a very particular form of touch to develop a childs sense of balance, counter-balance and rotation in such a way as to integrate these with the use of their topical senses such as vision to help a child to develop functional development movement patterns that might otherwise be lacking in an individual childs development. You will learn how to evaluate, stimulate, initiate and enhance ease of movement to create movement and cognitive responses in special children and achieve increased mobility, pain relief and optimal health based on scientific principles. You will learn how to use Michelle Turner’s  theoretical framework to improve physical outcomes; how to develop, use and apply her tools and techniques; and how to plan for your integration into the business world for continued success through the application of Movement Lesson™ as a successful and competent practitioner.

            To support your professional development, additional videos and techniques are updated weekly and are available on-line on Michelle Tuner’s video library All levels of the US training are held at the Movement Lesson™ Center in Peoria. All classes will be video recorded and will be available exclusively for class participants. Join us in this unique training and the first of its kind.


Michelle Turner, movement integration specialist and educator, is known throughout the United States and abroad as the founder of Movement Lesson, a progressive, scientific approach to physical therapy dedicated to helping children with special needs. Michelle Turner works with children and adults with a variety of needs at her clinic in Peoria, Arizona. She also travels throughout the world to work with children and their carers. Michelle Turner is the founder of Movement Lesson™ LLC and the author of the Newborn Movement Assessment a pioneering guide to the evaluation and stimulation of an infants developmental movements She has created one of the world’s largest video online training resource for working with the human body through functional touch and movement. These videos are organized on her subscription site As the mother of a special needs child  herself,  Michelle Turner is passionate about promoting and teaching the benefits of Movement Lessonthroughout the world.


In order to spread the benefits of this work nationally and internationally, Michelle Turner is introducing a hands-on training program for American and international students that will enable them to gain the professional skills necessary to become adept in this use of touch and that will enable them to build successful careers home and abroad as Movement Lesson™ Therapists to the wider benefit of disabled children throughout the world.


For more information on this exciting new training, go to and/or contact Michelle Turner at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


MOVEMENT LESSON FAMILY How it helped their loved ones

  • Virginia Medina

    "I wish I had known about you & your work when Leila was a baby, so many things now make sense."

  • Michelle Sampson Vielbig
     Yuma, AZ
    "You are awesome and help so many parents help their own children!"


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