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Integrating Standing and Balance with a Movement Lesson

Michelle Turner is giving her son a Movement Lesson in standing. This is one one of the many ways that you can work with foot, leg, pelvic function in relation to balance and standing. .Integrating Standing and Balance with a Movement Lesson

Cerebral Palsy on Balance, Rotation and Acceleration

Michelle works with a young boy with cerebral palsy. Most feel that the work needs to be directed to the arm. Here she's working with his balance, rotation and acceleration that presents in his system and tries to organize and work with them through the back and the pelvic region.

Balance Through the Pelvis in an Infant and Adult

Michelle takes a part of the lesson that she did with a six month old and incorporates it into a session with an adult. Here she shows one of the possibilities to integrate balance through the pelvis so the underlying leg can be incorporated to the pre-crawl and getting to all fours..Balance Through the Pelvis in an Infant and Adult

Balance and Standing

Michelle class is about coming over the system in standing and lying down. Here are some quick thoughts on gravity..Balance and Standing

Understanding the Sense of Balance

Most people think that a 'Sense of Balance' comes from the inner ear. Michelle Turner, Movement Integration Specialist, shows us how she works with balance in a person's system of human body functions.

Overcoming Disabilities with Voice

At four years old, Graham's goal was 20 self-help words that included 'Mom' 'Dad' 'Open'. With a lot of Movement Lessons, therapies, a wonderful schoool district, family and friends, Graham had his first piano and voice recital. As a mother of a special boy, no one works harder to enjoy life than Graham does. He is the reason that I do my work.